2012.01.22 Home Group and More Ice Cream!

As it turns out, the vanilla home made ice cream was a success.. it was just slower than the strawberry. We ate the vanilla today for lunch and it was pretty good. The recipe suggested stirring the ice cream every 40 minutes for four hours for increased smoothness; we did not do this, and the consistency of our ice cream was more like gelato. But it was still good!

Home group was good also. We are enjoying the fellowship and we appreciate everyone giving up their Sunday afternoon to be with us, break bread with us, and hopefully grow closer to God together.

I thought I knew¬†a lot about prayer. What I’m finding out is that it’s good to “review” periodically, take stock of where you’re at, and never take the goodness of God, His mercies and His gifts (including prayer) for granted.


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