2012.01.20 Milk Day!

We were going to get milk last night but we had a bit of a blizzard so we waited until tonight. The place where we’re getting our raw milk is licensed and listed on the USDA web site so they said it was OK if we shared their location:

Roger and Dianna Hersman
3469 Georgetown Road

Tomorrow: ice cream!


2012.01.20 Milk Day! — 2 Comments

  1. Love raw milk:)
    Raw milk here in Tx. is so expensive!! Dave and I pay $6.50 a gallon. We still buy it cause its better for us:)

    • the milk we are getting is not certified organic, so it’s cheaper. Raw milk that is certified organic runs about $6.50 per gallon here as well. I’d prefer the organic, but right now we’re taking “baby steps.” We’ve actually discussed getting our own milk cow, but that may be a ways off for us.

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