2012.01.13 Wicked Weather We’re Having …

We have had a week of rain and unseasonably warm temperatures. Last night we got word of a major winter storm headed our way. After a bit of research, Shelli managed to locate a source of raw milk…both places I called, their cows were dry….SO we decided we needed to make a milk run before the storm hit. We each purchased four gallons for $10. We were VERY happy with that price and the distance to the farm…8-12 miles depending on whose house you count from 🙂 It was the first time Kenton and I had been out of the house all week and we joked about the brights lights of the “big” city.

I’m sure glad we went last night…during the night the temperature dropped almost 30 degrees and the snow began to fall…it is wicked cold and the snow has continued to fall ALL day. The roads are treacherous with many accidents and road closings in the area…I LOVE working from home!

Stay tuned for the weekend post as we do a bit of experimenting with our milk!!

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