2012.01.09: Monday, Monday

Well, it’s Monday. We were working today at our “real” jobs so not too much activity on the farm. Last night, however, Paula had trouble sleeping so she started working on some more of our “next steps.”

The result is a list of seminars that Paula will be hosting at Big Oak Ridge. January will (tentatively) be a seminar on cheese making or yogurt making (depending on time and resources.) There will be a nominal fee for these seminars and that will include materials etc. Look for more information here. Watch for updates!

The other thing we are kicking off is the Locavorium. Those of you who watch this space may remember the article I wrote about this subject a little while ago. Well, we are moving on the idea of creating a resource list for those interested in this challenge. If you have any resources we can add to the Locavorium let us know!

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