2012.01.06 New Beginnings

I had actually started to dismantle my on line presence, despairing of ever seeing any fruit from my “vision.” But during our recent vacation Paula and I talked (once again) about where we were going and how we could get there.

I explained to Paula that this “thing” never leaves, never changes much, never dies – I can’t seem to get away from what I “see.”

Paula explained to me that the vision I talk about is too big for her; she can handle small, day to day tasks and projects – but trying to see “out there” with me produces anxiety for her.

SO… we’re going to try once again to back up and retrench. I’m going to try to take it a little slow (bite size pieces) and she is going to try to help me get there (one step at a time.)

This is the first of the “baby steps” – a stronger commitment to journal here, on the website, so others can know (if they want to) what we are doing, and sometimes even why we are doing it.

I’d like to try to jot something every day, but that may be too ambitious. So, in keeping with my commitment to go slow and practical, I’m going to aim for a minimum of once a week entries here on the website.

So this will count as the first “official” entry of the New Year, and it includes the second “step:”

Paula got me a copy of “Animal, Vegetable, Miracle” for Christmas. We have discussed this book in this space before. Paula borrowed it from the library and read it. I started to read it, and even renewed it once, but had to return it before I was finished. Because the book is as much reference as entertainment, Paula (wisely) decided we needed our own copy.

I was reading the book while on vacation and I felt re-invigorated in the pursuit of my own passion. Paula and I decided that this would be as good a time as any (maybe the best time) to try our hand at being locavores instead of just talking about it. Our freezers and larder are full, we have a great variety of edibles on hand, and we need to:

a) save some money and

b) trim our waistlines.


The first “baby steps” toward our goal are:

  1. Swear off WalMart for a month (I know, that’s a really small step, but I really think WalMart is an addiction – we’re talking cold turkey here.)
  2. Find somewhere to get raw milk for making cheese [ahem.. I mean “pet food.”] (not too difficult in our area.)
  3. Look for somewhere local to get our animal feed. Right now we get most of it from our local Tractor Supply, and I’m not opposed to this, I just want to try to get our animals on a “locavore” diet if possible also.


So that’s the plan for now, we’ll try to keep this site updated so everyone can see how we’re doing.

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