It’s growing!!

We tried a few experimental things this year and it’s exciting to see things growing.

We started two beds of asparagus. The crowns languished in the ground for almost 4 weeks and we were beginning to wonder if they had rotted with all the wet weather we have been having. I walked out to the garden on Sunday and was excited to see 6″ tall spears where there was nothing the day before. The beets and carrots are also up. The little seedlings that I grew and transplanted also look very happy. They actually benefited from the cool, wet weather. The tomatoes and vines that I put in our experimental straw bale garden look very happy and healthy.

This year we had an exceedingly long wet spring and I wondered if we would be able to plant anything. But we are now one week away from Memorial Day (our “safe”  time to plant) and our entire garden is planted and there is no sign of frost anywhere in the 10 day forecast. I attribute much of our ability to early planting to our raised beds…others in our area are unable to till their soil or get in their conventional plots because it has been so wet.

The chicks are almost two weeks old and starting to feather nicely. “Egg” chickens are so different from “meat” chickens…they are trying to fly already and barely eat anything.