2011 Farm and Garden Planning

This week I started preliminary planning for the 2011 garden season. I have been doing some research in an attempt to make our garden more productive. Using last year’s garden plan, I mapped out the garden for 2011 making sure that crops of the nightshade and cucurbit family will not be planted in the same beds this year. This also gave me an opportunity to inventory my seeds and make a list of things to purchase. I was also able to mark dates on the calendar for starting seedlings, direct seeding to the garden and transplanting seedlings based on our zone and the specific needs of the particular vegetable.  I started several kinds of cruciferous vegetables in our planting rack.

seeds in cups

This year I am trying individual cups

We have had several guests lately that we were able to pick their brains about additional tips for saving seeds plus proper times to prune and spray our fruit trees. We are thankful for all of the helpful resources gleaned from our community of gardening friends.

I have also been researching chickens and trying to decide which would be the best multipurpose breed for starting our sustainable flock. I am seriously considering Brahmas. Roosters weigh in at 12 pounds and the hens are good layers and good setters. I will  be ordering them for shipment in mid-April.

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