SWAT (Spiritual Warfare Apostolic Training)

   S.W.A.T. I – “Becoming A Warrior”
   Brother Curry details the necessity of being a true Spiritual Warrior and the methods used to become one.
Most people try to perform spiritual warfare when they are not spiritual warriors. This leads to failure and discouragement.
Before trying to study specific principles of warfare, Christians should focus on becoming a spiritual warrior. This study will tell you how to get there.
Curry Blake (General Overseer of John G. Lake Ministries: JGLM) has gained international recognition for his unique and life-changing teachings on healing.
   For years JGLM has received innumerable requests for Bro. Curry to share his insights on Spiritual Warfare. Once again, Bro. Curry has been able to concisely articulate his understanding of true spiritual warfare and expose the Sacred Cows that are so prevalent in this much misunderstood area. Bro. Curry has often said that 95% of everything commonly taught in Christianity about healing is wrong. But in Spiritual Warfare its closer to 99% wrong.
There is very little difference between spiritual warfare and physical warfare. The same principles, strategies, and tactics apply. Since most Christians don’t know how to fight in the physical realm, they also don’t know how to fight in the spiritual realm.
   As usual Bro. Curry brings his down-home brand of informal teaching and humor, while effectively training and motivating the listener to do the works of Jesus.
This material is essential to anyone interested in fighting the good fight of faith and winning.
Just as Bro. Curry killed the Sacred Cows (mans traditions) of Healing, he now takes on and destroys the common Sacred Cows of Spiritual Warfare.
Get ready to be challenged and changed.
You’re in the Army now, Gods Army, now you’re going to learn to fight and win.
Caution: This material is hazardous to lukewarm Christians!