Building a Garden

We spent Saturday morning with our friends Claude and Elizabeth building them a spanking new Lasagna Garden from scratch. It was so awesome. We loaned them the Lasagna Garden book and they actually read it. They came out to Big Oak Ridge and had breakfast with us, then we went out to look at our garden and explain it to them a little bit. I ran down to the sand and gravel before they arrived and got a load of topsoil. After breakfast and the garden tour we threw a load of chicken manure on the truck behind the topsoil and headed for Claude and Elizabeth’s.

When we got there we were blown away by their preparations. They already had the cardboard pretty much laid out for the base layer, and and they had peat, leaves, and shredded paper for additional layers.

We spread some peat, shoveled on some manure, added the paper and the topsoil. Their urban garden consists of two 22 foot rows with an 18 inch path in between. We covered the path with wood chips.