2009 Gardens

It’s already time to start planning for next year’s garden(s). Here’s the discussion that needs to happen:
1. Some people live here and end up doing the majority of the work
2. Some people can get here easily and help with some of the work
3. Some people can’t get here easily and don’t do any of the work but would like to have healthy food.

We’re going to need to decide who participates, how they participate, and what it costs to participate.

My thoughts:
We probably need to assign a value to the produce
We probably need to assign a value to people’s labor
We need to decide how fees will be paid (I was thinking maybe a monthly “co-op fee” or something) and how credit for work will be allotted
We need to know how many people/families we think we can realistically produce/provide for.

A related note:
We need to know if we’re going to have any gardening co-op partners; these would be people who are willing to have a garden on their own property and participate with us in a co-op/pricing/distribution scheme of some sort.

We also need to know what we’re going to plant. We’re going for as many open pollinated varieties this year as possible, and we’re going to try to get enough seed for two years.

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